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PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

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Play for PSG.

Pics finally. I actually preferred the black one until I saw the white in person. I'm in the process of moving yard so i havent actually hooked it up so it has been sitting since Wednesday.   The li

The new PlayStation also will allow players to share achievements on social networks through smoother links to Facebook or Twitter, while also enabling aspects such as sharing footage of game play online through YouTube, people familiar with Sony’s plans said. Sony’s new console may also allow users to compete against others using different hardware, such as smartphones and other portable devices, those people said.

Interestingly, WSJ notes that Microsoft -- Sony’s competitor in the next-gen console gaming space -- is taking a different tact.

Microsoft, while it has tested cloud gaming, is putting greater emphasis on software that allows the Xbox to interact with mobile devices like Apple’s iPad. The company is also planning to create new interactive TV content to be played on its consoles, after opening up a new production studio in Southern California.

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My boy mentioned something about games being locked to the console you first play them on?


No swapping Fight Night for UFC, or taking Fifa some where for a tournie with the squadron 


Anyone heard anything on this ?


Or is it hype talk again

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