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PlayStation 4 & Xbox One


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I know what you mean gsmbino. I got the xb1 then jumped on the ps4. Heard all the bollocks about ps4s lack of media capabilities. Saw xb1 kinect in action and instantly regretted my xb1 cancellation.

PS4 will have better gaming performance but on the whole it will be marginal and what I find is that after that the PS4 can't offer anything better than the Xbox. I so regret getting rid of that guaranteed preorder for the Xbox.

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Because I like the exclusives on both consoles I'm gonna do the same thing I did with the current gen. Wait for the problems with the first batch of releases to clear up, buy the xbox one first and get the ps4 later.

Then I'll say to myself that I'll buy a Nintendo console because I like Mario gamws but never follow through with it, lol.

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I'm not as huge a gamer as I used to be in the last couple of years so I'm not too sure what I want in this next gen. XBox looks like something 'New' to me. I like the design, I love the UI and love the voice controls and instant switching between things. Also with having to pay to play PS Online now paying for XBox Live is a standard. Plus XBox servers will be better as everyone says and they will soon be giving away 2 Free Games a month like PS+ does.


PS4 doesn't have that entirely new appearance because I'm used to owning a PS system. But it's clearly going to perform better with games and might eventually have better graphics on exclusive titles, it's no doubt gonna have the games I prefer on it when Quantic Dreams and Naughty Dog start dropping them bangers. I like the controller, pretty much all my mates who game are Playstation guys. And I can trust Sony more than Microsoft lol.




I should just get my Megadrive out and call it a day.

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Still hasn't even hit me that the new xbox is coming out on friday.


Need the embargo date to come so everyone can review it 



The big difference between Xbox and PS4 is that Sony is offering the same service that has been available for the last 7-8 years.  I haven't seen anything that the console offers new.  Their console can't even be used as your personal media centre.  Their interface is slick and fast but doesn't hit me as too impressive. 


Xbox is full of gimmicks but it's refreshing, might not even use half the features :lol:

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Two day playing the PS4 now and I'm very happy in general, but there are some things that concern me a bit (blu ray movie playback in particular) Here are my impressions:


+ Machine worked perfectly right off the bat and still does after about 20h of use. No bad surprises with console, controller or the camera, and I'm very nitpicky with stuff like squeaky controller buttons, wobbly cooling fan etc. No complaints here.

+ Everything is snappy and the games launch really quickly. Store launches quickly as well when PSN works, and downloads are blazing fast even during this time of PSN fiddliness.

+ Games I tried so far are great. Flower and Resogun running at perfect 1080p/60. Killzone looking phenomenal and running smoother than I somehow expected.

+ Playroom is great fun! Kids that tried playing it *love* it, and I'm massively impressed how well the camera works even during the night and artificial lighting. The lag seems almost non existent compared to any augmented reality game I've ever tried. It's all very smooth and seamless, and fun, and the camera quality adds greatly to selling the while experience.

+ PSN matchmaking worked well for me even during this time. I played Resogun last night with GAF's Kaching, and it worked perfectly.

+ Controller is fantastic except for the battery life (see negatives). I love D-Pad even more than the Vita one because it produces a tactile, but not audible click like Vita does.

+ Remote play on Vita works great, as does the PS iOS app, which allows for quickest text entry into PS4 OS (although the motion sensitive text entry using controller is no slouch either)

+ Generally pleased with the whole experience, I just want to keep playing and using the machine.



~ Fan noise is acceptable. Better than launch PS3, about the same as PS3 slim. I noticed that fan is smarter than on any PS3 model, as it will kick into a brief overdrive for 10 seconds or so when the game ramps up doing something intensive, then as the processors cool down enough, the fan then turns down to a lower spinning level and stay there. On PS3 once the game reaches fan overdrive, it stays like that forever or until you quit the game. Killzone is the only game I tried that has made this brief fan overdrive happen. You can even tell which cutscenes in the game are video files based on the fact that the fan spins down as soon as the video cutscene starts. The immediacy of this fan spin-down makes me think that the cooling is very well managed in the machine and that it won't ever overheat. Resogun, Flower and Playroom all produce low fan noise that's not worth mentioning.



- Blu Ray movie playback. When the movie starts playing, the drive noise is unnacaptably high. As the movie keeps going, and the laser reads closer to the center of the disc, the noise diminishes significantly, and usually 30-45 minutes or so into the movie it becomes almost inaudible. However, for the first 15 minutes of playback, drive sounds like a jet engine, like it's trying to copy the movie to HDD as soon as possible instead of just playing it at 1x BD speed as it should. This is a big one, and I'm not sure if my console is defective or if they thought this was really acceptable for movie watching (it isn't)

- Battery of the controller dies too quickly, and the multicolour light at the front is the likely culprit. So far I had to charge the controller at the end of each day as the battery died after 8-10h hours of use. Kind of ridiculous as the controller functionality is not that much different from DS3 except for the light, and maybe the speaker.

- PSN has been hilariously flaky causing all kind of hiccups to the OS, but at least download speeds have been great.

- The background wave animation is a 2nd grade visual compared to the glory and classiness of PS3 XMB wave.

- I've heard they made the OS UI running in the web browser which IMO was not the best decision, because you can tell that even PS4 struggles at times to maintain perfect smoothness through it. Thankfully, smoothness is there 95% of the time, but still, when much weaker Vita can run so smoothly a non-browser UI, why go that route here? They're probably just using far more CPU cycles to run this smoothly than they otherwise should, so it's no surprise that power consumption increases notably when you have the game+UI running.




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