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Them awkward situations......


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Best one is running for your life to catch the train and the door closes just as you approach it.

Thats why I dont bother running anymore I just laugh at people that try and fail :lol:

Awkward tryna style it out as well

see this on a daily basis, shit never gets old seeing people slam against the door then looking at ticket inspector like


Man calmly blows his whistle and then cuts

You have your headphones in on the bus and you see an assoiscate jump on and starts talking to you so you take your headphones out and then he stops now ur unsure whether to put them back in ur ears or not..



But at gym not on the bus

Happens all the time


Having to finish that last set in a akward silence


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When you've got not tissue, and a runny nose on a packed train.


aaahhhhh got caught slipping lkke this not too long ago.

my nose was fine at home

it was fine on the ride to the station

it was fine while on the platform...

literally 5mins into train journey, c*nt wants to turn into niagra falls


all respect I had built up with the regulars on the train diminished with every slow drip of mucus that came out...sniffing wasnt helping shit...wanted to draw for the sleeve on a primary school flex

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when you try and sidestep a stranger but you both simultaneously step to the same side


so you go to step to the opposide side but so do they and its like some weird type of dance for a second


lol gotta claim your side from early

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