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"I didn't want to do the big parade - 'Thanks a lot and goodbye everyone' - because that would have looked a bit foolish if it had gone the other way and I'd stayed

I ended up stuck in the middle. So I just did the usual lap and a wave because we knew Ash [Cole] was leaving, we had a bit of a moment with him.
'There are not a lot of things I regret in my Chelsea career but not being able to say my goodbyes properly to all of the Chelsea fans is certainly one. Thirteen years is a long time.'



Cahill, Courtois and Hazard new deals coming up.

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Lol this guy

Not everything blue is the best pal.

IMO he has been.


Considering I've watched him week in week out for years that's enough for me to base my opinion on.


People say Schmeichel when they don't even support United and watching the full 90 mins was impossible back then unless it was on TV or you went to the match.

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And Schmeichel played in the league when every other team bar 2/3 were quite frankly rubbish..

Cech played in has been the best Keeper in the league for the past decade when the premier league was at it's strongest ever..

And Cech was today awarded with the golden gloves for last season.. Another accolade to his name..

People are so anti Chelsea is unreal,

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