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Greece Puts Figure of €279bn On Claim For German Reparations

Mame Biram Diouf

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Everything's gonna be dropping.

But I duno about Greece, apparently they have this thing where they see tax as not right so basically a load of them don't pay it, so God knows where they're gonna find money

But the EU have been complete d*cks, and they expect them to still vote yes? Fuck off, id vote no just from the way their speaking about them.

Then while the voting was going on ministers coming out saying nah we won't kick you out if you vote yes.

Shady shit going on man

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Shouldn't you buy Dollars?

The Pound and the Euro will both be dropping won't they? And the Euro more?

The context of my post was to get cheap euros for holiday, I Dias buy euros in the immediate aftermath before the pound drops

The stupid money will take a week or so to work out to what extent the UK is exposed to the contagion

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Its all going to sh*t regardless. Greeks are fucked one way or another.


We are all pretty much fucked especially if Greece leaves the Euro/EU. 


look at their payment plan




if they cant make the first one lol at the rest and lol and them bothering once they are out




ECB/IMF are the first to come for their money

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