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Creed Diskenth

Executed By her Boyfriend

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"In the late afternoon of Thursday (16) A Brazilian funk dancer Amanda bueno 29, was shot dead by her husband, within his own residence in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the neighbors reported that they heard fighting noise coming from inside the residence of the couple and then have heard several gun shots.

After the crime the victim's husband identified as Milton Vieira Severiano 32, known as "Milton of Vans" stole the VW Gol vehicle a neighbor to flee the scene.

The guy tried to escape, but lost control of the vehicle coming to roll over on the highway. Milton was arrested with him and seized 04 guns, one 12-gauge shotgun, and a vest bulletproof.

The security cameras recorded the victim's home any crime. According to the images, Milton knocks the woman and beats violently several times her head against the floor. Then he shoots the victim's head with pistol shots and shotgun."







Just wow

Not a single fuck given

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stopped watching when he started slamming her head on the floor..


Dont know who she is 




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Guest babatundestacks

Shit like this happens everyday unfortunately.


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