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Personality? Looks?

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Speaking to this stupid bitch and it escalated real quick for no reason -



basically she was saying i prefer a girls body over her personality...


i said 'when you are on road and you walk passed someone do you download their personality through wifi into your brain? or do you see their looks first?'


i said of course if a girl has a nice body thats instant what im attracted to... then i proceed from there to getting to know her



why would i move up someone who i find ugly? skinny?... makes no sense


i said ive got friends who i dont find attractive at all whatsoever, but there personalities are on 1 hunna...


shes like but you arent open to there being something more... (exactly exactly... look how deep and stupid this is getting?!!)




next thing i know, i see her picture go to a grey icon...


of course shes blocked me



am i the only one who thinks like this?



am i the only one who where walking on road and sees a nice thick ting with a batty would be instantly attracted to that and would wanna know WHAT SHES LIKE THEREAFTER????







f*cking emotional girls honestly

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Why are you talking to ugly girls on whatsapp in the first place





if youre referrin to what i said in the tex ; i have a friend(s) who i may not find ATTRACTIVE, but they have got good personalities




this girl was not buttaz by any means

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man said download their personality to your brain through wifi




Even though alot of is stuff is made up. Its always a good read 

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U mad?

 This tbh.


Should have just filed her under *insecure* and kept it moving.



no time for this level of insecurity


seriously, its nothing but fuckin problems, and not the A$AP kind

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