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President Donald Trump Thread


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Some one please make a US president topic.


"Further concerns were raised about Trump’s handling of the media when he broke with protocol on Tuesday night, going out to dinner at a steakhouse after his transition team had told journalists he would not be out in public the rest of the day. Trump reportedly received a standing ovation and cheers on arriving at 21 Club in midtown Manhattan. The White House Correspondents’ Association said it was “unacceptable” that Trump was traveling without a regular pool of journalists to inform the public of his whereabouts. A protective pool of journalists is supposed to join the president or president-elect’s motorcade to record their whereabouts and be on hand in the event of breaking news."


Yoo, this guy is more niggerish than Obama. Called out on NY Times on twitter.?

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2 hours ago, Heero Yuy said:

If Apple starts making phones in US that additional  cost is being shipped straight on to the consumer calm.

They are not gonna, the majority of the iPhone supply chain is in Asia so it wouldn't make sense plus it wouldn't even create that many jobs as most of it is automated.

if trump is talking about creating a u.s supply chain then he's nuts ?

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Motorola won't be assembling phones in the United States for much longer. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company will close its Texas factory — essential to its Moto Maker assembly process — by the end of this year. Motorola has since confirmed the unfortunate news to The Verge. And the reason is simple: Motorola's smartphones aren't selling well enough to keep the place running. "What we found was that the North American market was exceptionally tough," Motorola President Rick Osterloh told the Journal. The decision potentially leaves hundreds of American workers out of a job.

Apple could manufacture in the US and still turn a profit but I doubt it would benefit them much.

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Trump hasn't told the UK what to do, merely said people had been saying Farage should be Ambassador and that he thought he would make a good one.

Farage can say what he wants here, he is British and it's his business.

He said Barrack should mind his business because he came here trying to sway the British publics vote by scaring them into believing if they voted to leave the EU he would stick us to the back of the Queue for any deals with USA. This is why although Nigel was asked to speak about Brexit at a Trump rally and how the outsider won the public over, he refused to publicly endorse Trump for President.

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