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Why you coming fast ?

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12 hours ago, Monday Bandele said:

when the autotune dropped >>>

?????? that was the best thing in the whole video but they have taken it from joke to paraody and now boarderline serious which makes it slightly cringe, but I'll never knock a man's hustle so if he is getting P's out of it then fairplay to him ??


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On 12/6/2018 at 10:07 PM, Afroman said:

certain rappers are hurting right now. 

So is this trend moving forward now ?

Big Shaq, Osh,  etc

Speaking of Osh...

Read this thread.


Practically flopped considering the initial buzz, they took too long to capitalise. Don’t think I’ve ever heard the song in full don’t plan to, but looks like he actually does have some degree of talent at least.

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