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    I dont really care about the result, US foreign policy has been consistently shit through all elected presidents and i cant see it getting any better or worse, it will just remain shit, as it would have with Hilary also. The whole muslims and mexican thing, im sure its just rhetoric and wont come in to fruition. What I do know though, is we'll see similar to what we've seen post brexit. White working class finding confidence to say whats really on their mind, verbal abuse and physical violence towards muslims, mexicans and probably all ethnic minorities will skyrocket.
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    The South Park episodes after Trump wins>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    BBC been on form tonight/morning great shot, had to gif it
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    67, 247, 149, section toys All these dead rap groups that are rated with their shitty boring rhymes, at least make crude sound good ffs. "on a way to the shop (shop).. Clocked n scoped out the oops (opps)..ten toes when man went rambo (rambo)...then straight back to the bando (bando, bando, bando, bando) Then shaky cam. Fuck off.
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    I believe that if he is going to create more jobs for african Americans (like he said specifically in that video). He will need to find a way to encourage or provide significant investment in those areas. I don't care why he mentioned it, he didn't have a gun to his head. He made a statement to a specific set of people, to deliver something for them. End of story.
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    Thank God Hillary lost, now to see her jailed... Trump is a lifelong Democrat no ? As long as the dollar plummets vs £££ i dont care
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    Social media is doing my head in right now. Peeps need to take the L and keep it moving. Too many people begging it for the quote of the day. Seeing bare naij' pro feminists on my time line gassing the ting. These people are never this vocal bout issues with nigerian politics. Kmt.
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    bruv, I've never heard someone say "african american" so many times in the space of 80 seconds chatting out your arse if you think he's not trying to target a specific ethnic minority group there
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    Reaching. Dont even need to draw for trump quotes. Racism has come out of his mouth and now he can implement it systematically. Many "Hispanics" identify as white, Mexico etc is foreign to them. What racist political force can directly effect your life? None.
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    Sweet. The one company I was keen on maybe working for didn't have an opening in my area, didn't even have a contact email listed for anything other than customer support - but I sent an application to jobs@[company].com and they got back to me just now (next day) saying they were planning on putting up a listing and want an interview
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    fully grabbed America by the p*ssy
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    No better feeling than being pulled up about something soooo petty on thursday and the friday being offered a new job elsewhere for more money and more freedom. They never saw it coming. #winning
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    The fact that he's referring to the high unemployment rate among african Americans specifically, should hint that the problem is specific. There isn't a one solution to fix all. But you won't be able to gauge this because you're under the everybody is the same umbrella, when they aren't in America.
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    Your a fool. He's promised you nothing, you will get nothing and your tragedies will be met with silence. Vote local in droves.
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    Yes and it was very silly to do so. As well as Clinton arrogantly thinking it was "her turn", treating the presidency like borrowing a ps2 game for 4 years.
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    This "Hispanic" shit needs to die. Way way too broad. White supremacy is practiced in those countries too vigourisly, and when they come and establish in a western country who do you think their with ffs.
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    White Hispanics probably tbf. Hispanic as a term is very wide
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    Yup, with trump in the cut like "that's my boy"
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    LoL the memes today are the best thing about this.
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    He is a populist. What he says will obviously inspire and motivate people who are frustrated with the status quo. But tbf populism can easily be confused with some type of anti establishment vanguard lol. The likes of Jill stein and bernie are who deserve anti establishment label
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    Hahahaha anti establishment ya kna. The age of untruth is some real ish ffs
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    This is mad. Had rub my eyes this morning. Political establishment in the west is done.
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    what at a fucking time to be sipping this air. gg congrats to Gambs
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    The stance before his speech
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    Nah I get it. Just not bawling tears over trump,his victory is no surprise.. I prefer my racism/enemey open and not snidey the other option. elected (Selected) leaders are nothing more than a smokescreen for the rooted white supremacy system that is USA and it's allies/corporate backers prison industrial complexs, systematic poverty and war/domination interests.
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    This guy's crying for an argument. Go find some liberal forum, you can troll your heart out.
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    Them trams can pick up a bit of speed especially downhill, that corner is basically the shape of an "L" upside down on a downhill bend. I remember back when I use to catch tram on a regular people/shopping would be sent flying on that corner certain times. Weather didn't play no part in that, Tramlink been going around that corner for 16 years in worse weather, that's down to driver error or mechanical RIP
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    Majority of Hispanics are white and a lot more are not Mexican. Hispanic doesnt mean brown mexican.
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    Somebody please get hold of Ja Rule, I'm trying to make sense of all this. Where is Ja?
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    You said it was just "lefties" not voting Trump A former Republican who is more right wing than you didn't even vote him You learnt what left and right mean yet?
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    2016 definitely a key chapter in the history books
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    Makes sense now why he didnt play on Sunday
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    Chile Audax Italiano 4-1 Birmingham City CD Antofagasta 3-1 Celtic CD Cobresal 1-1 Rangers CD Huachipato 1-1 Al Ahli CD O'Higgins 3-3 Celtic CD Palestino 1-3 Bolton Wanderers Colo Colo 3-0 Birmingham City Deportivo Iquique 0-2 Brentford Deportes Temuco 0-2 NYCFC Everton De Vina 4-0 Egypt San Luis 0-3 SK Rapid Wien Uni Catolica 2-5 Huddersfield Town Uni Concepcion 4-0 FC UFA Uni De Chile 4-2 SK Rapid Wien Jean Beausejour Union Espanola 3-5 Orlando City Wanderers 1-2 LA Galaxy Found this league hard. Keep coming up against teams who have stand out players, and non from Chile have any great ability. The tallest player in the league I found was 6ft. Most centre backs were 5ft/5ft10 so I kept getting done on corners and crosses. Overall 47-25-32 Division 3, no prediction available.
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    Brazil America 2-2 Toronto FC Atletico Paranaense 1-1 South Africa Atletico Mineiro 2-0 Orlando Pirates Botafogo 5-3 Cagliari Chapecoense 1-1 Marseille Cortiba 2-2 Tigres Cruzeiro 2-3 Bournemouth Figueirense 3-0 RB Leipzig Fluminense 0-3 Nastic Gremio 0-0 Rangers Internacional 1-1 RB Leipzig Palmeiras 4-0 Aston Villa Ponte Preta 3-1 Karlsruher SC Santa Cruz 1-1 RB Leipzig Santos 2-3 Kaiserslautern Sao Paulo 5-1 Salerno Sport 0-0 Celtic Vitoria 1-1 Panathinaikos Not sure if Fifa has the players names rights for Brazilian leagues, didn't recognise anyone. Overall 41-22-25. Prediction - Division 3 Safety
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    Freudian slip. John Doe come get your bird.
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    Why do people select gk looooooooool
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    Yes. He does need to be specific because even you would agree not everyone's experience there is the SAME. So all that "he's addressing Americans" talk is bs in a world where the same people will draw on "Black on black crime", then talk about "all americans" when it comes to actual policy making. A whole dedicated white house site on Hispanic policy and engagement : https://www.whitehouse.gov/hispanic Lgbt policies: http://www.hrc.org/resources/obama-administration-policy-legislative-and-other-advancements-on-behalf-of Animal rights ffs: http://animalrights.about.com/od/animalrights101/a/ObamaARissues.htm Can't he just address them as "American people" instead of specific policies for them? Anything black get put under "minorities" which helps no one, and the dire situation continues. But let's make America great again and see what he does better than Obama... Brexit is turning out great init.
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    Game peeped from 1964... these Liberals you keep spouting out. You still can't see the wood through the trees.. None of them are no good. They still represent a fucked system underneath from it's incepetion. Hispanics who align themselves to whiteness will side on white supremacy systems to enjoy status quo of power play. Just like any black claiming they're Trump supporters (they will soon learn the hard way) Replace "Goldwater" with "Trump" and Hilary posing as the Liberal dancing with celebrities. Mainstream media owned by the same machine selling your dreams of change.. from either candidate... As I posted earlier somewhere in this thread. Left/Right Wing don't matter. USA just have an overt racist leader and given carte blanche for the racist sheeple to go ham starting shit with little reprisal. On top of the existing fucked system under Obama, Bush/Clinton/Regan list goes on.
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    great sign off (before the comedy)
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    £5 on Brexit, Trump & Leicester would have returned over a million.
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    he's got a lot of people waiting with their pitchforks at the ready at the slightest whiff of a mistake
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    serious replies about the buses
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    If he can push the whole "a bunch of left wing, metropolitan elites from That London are trying to stop our Brexit" angle I'm sure he can piss more than enough people to jump in the march. Especially from them Northern firmly pro-Brexit towns. Imagine a bunch of pissed off mutants from Burnley, Runcorn, Sunderland and them places marching through central London like Needs to happen.