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    The South Park episodes after Trump wins>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    BBC been on form tonight/morning great shot, had to gif it
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    67, 247, 149, section toys All these dead rap groups that are rated with their shitty boring rhymes, at least make crude sound good ffs. "on a way to the shop (shop).. Clocked n scoped out the oops (opps)..ten toes when man went rambo (rambo)...then straight back to the bando (bando, bando, bando, bando) Then shaky cam. Fuck off.
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    fully grabbed America by the p*ssy
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    No better feeling than being pulled up about something soooo petty on thursday and the friday being offered a new job elsewhere for more money and more freedom. They never saw it coming. #winning
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    Hahahaha anti establishment ya kna. The age of untruth is some real ish ffs
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    This is mad. Had rub my eyes this morning. Political establishment in the west is done.
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    what at a fucking time to be sipping this air. gg congrats to Gambs
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    The stance before his speech
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    Somebody please get hold of Ja Rule, I'm trying to make sense of all this. Where is Ja?
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    You said it was just "lefties" not voting Trump A former Republican who is more right wing than you didn't even vote him You learnt what left and right mean yet?
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    2016 definitely a key chapter in the history books
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    Makes sense now why he didnt play on Sunday
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    Chile Audax Italiano 4-1 Birmingham City CD Antofagasta 3-1 Celtic CD Cobresal 1-1 Rangers CD Huachipato 1-1 Al Ahli CD O'Higgins 3-3 Celtic CD Palestino 1-3 Bolton Wanderers Colo Colo 3-0 Birmingham City Deportivo Iquique 0-2 Brentford Deportes Temuco 0-2 NYCFC Everton De Vina 4-0 Egypt San Luis 0-3 SK Rapid Wien Uni Catolica 2-5 Huddersfield Town Uni Concepcion 4-0 FC UFA Uni De Chile 4-2 SK Rapid Wien Jean Beausejour Union Espanola 3-5 Orlando City Wanderers 1-2 LA Galaxy Found this league hard. Keep coming up against teams who have stand out players, and non from Chile have any great ability. The tallest player in the league I found was 6ft. Most centre backs were 5ft/5ft10 so I kept getting done on corners and crosses. Overall 47-25-32 Division 3, no prediction available.
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    Brazil America 2-2 Toronto FC Atletico Paranaense 1-1 South Africa Atletico Mineiro 2-0 Orlando Pirates Botafogo 5-3 Cagliari Chapecoense 1-1 Marseille Cortiba 2-2 Tigres Cruzeiro 2-3 Bournemouth Figueirense 3-0 RB Leipzig Fluminense 0-3 Nastic Gremio 0-0 Rangers Internacional 1-1 RB Leipzig Palmeiras 4-0 Aston Villa Ponte Preta 3-1 Karlsruher SC Santa Cruz 1-1 RB Leipzig Santos 2-3 Kaiserslautern Sao Paulo 5-1 Salerno Sport 0-0 Celtic Vitoria 1-1 Panathinaikos Not sure if Fifa has the players names rights for Brazilian leagues, didn't recognise anyone. Overall 41-22-25. Prediction - Division 3 Safety
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    Freudian slip. John Doe come get your bird.
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    BBC been on form all night Emily's voice is about to break into tears
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    Bare women crying at the Clinton rally ffs
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    bruv, how can Devlin be looking older than Wiley?
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    we need to change the kit as well
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    Incumbant..... plz take your lady off the forums
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    January 2016: On Pep Guardiola being linked with City My grandfather would win the title with Barcelona and Bayern, because they are big clubs with great players.' February 2016: On Guardiola's appointment at City 'Yaya won every trophy in England without Guardiola. Will Guardiola win without Yaya?' September 2016: On Toure being left out of City's Champions League squad 'If City don't win the Champions League, I hope Pep has the balls to admit he was wrong to humiliate a great player like Yaya. If he wins I will travel to England and say that Pep is the best manager in the world.' September 2016: On Guardiola demanding an apology ‘If Guardiola wants a war, then he can have one. I felt that Pep was being vindictive to Yaya.' 'It was Messi who made Barca, not Pep. Luis Enrique has shown that Barca's success was not down to Guardiola.' 'If Pep wants to prove himself as a great manager, then he should go to Zaragoza or Sunderland. Let's see how good he is when he doesn't take over a great team and hasn't got half-a-billion pounds to spend.'
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    Fuck nigga Snitch nigga Bitch nigga Sneak disser