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Student of Accounting

What you guys think of this

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In relation to pyscho in Tenerife.

Right, was watching this documentary on Discovery about 4 weeks ago.

Basically there was a serial killer who had killed 13 women between New York and Boston in the space of 3 weeks, there was this lady shutting down for work one evening around 11pm when she got in her car, before she turned the engine she looked out her window to see a man standing by her car but before she wound down the window he walked off.

As this lady got home the news had broke out that one women had been found dead in her area, she was obviously quite shocked by this but it turned out she actually came face to face with the serial killer and eventually went to his trial, she stood up in court and asked why didn;t you kill me instead of the other lady, he replied "I couldn't, because of the two blokes beside you"


Pretty f*cked up if you ask me, think this is a sign that we all have guardian angels or those pyschos are literally seeing things we normal people can't.

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this is the first post ive seen from u that hasnt been directed towards brisco.

but ye id like a source. code.

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Guest Esquilax

RIP to that woman in Tenerife stiffle

f*ck*ng horrific

Imagine being on hols and some maniac walks past you with a severed head in their hands

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