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Never heard of this. But I might as well plug some HDR pics I took last week on holiday(malta).

do not send pics to multiple girls at the same time   i repeat do not send pics to multiple girls at the same time   it creates some sort of group where you all talk, its not individual private pi

horrible parenting these 80's born parents and their attention seeking through ridiculing their own kids on the internet is getting out of hand, and somebody needs to address this.  is this

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Has anyone tried following someone and then it automatically removes the follow. Like i see it go green, I browse something else and if i go back to the person i just followed its not green anymore and I have to request again. These are public pages as well.

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Every time?  It's not just today, it's been a good while.  Noticed it over a month ago.  Also had some weirdness where someone I unfollowed kept having their pics show up in my feed and nothing I could do to stop it as their page was private.

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that sounds like a bug in the system - Facebook actually give out cash prizes for revealing bugs, in particular privacy/security issues, so you could report it and maybe get something out of it

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