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The Festival thread

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Could hardly tell the difference when you put that nose thing on

People that dont like Kanye's rants just dont get it tbh..

This is why I hate people.

Im still aching from Wireless


How do people do all 3 days lol


Drake smashed it.... Bangers for days!! 

BBK Smashed it.... People lost their minds when Giggs crept out and touched mic during Man Don't Care'

Jhene Aiko smashed it...

Ghostface & Raekwon smashed it!!!!!! Triumph!!!!!!!! 

Rita Ora smashed it toooo



Overall.... was very decent. Fully enjoyed myself


Looking forward to doing it again on friday

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so was this in hyde park or finsbury park


Finsbury Park



Can safely say I didn't touch the main stage until drake, might reach Saturday if the weathers nice

Bought my ticket off a tout for £40, worth it that way



Chance the Rapper was good on the main stage


I didn't know any of his songs before.....

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They don't have much to work with though do they?

Who's actually a headline act who's put out work recently? If Kanye wasn't last year he would have been this year. If Drake didn't flop last year then god knows who'd be headlining this year.


The era of the headliner is over. How can 2 DJs be main headliners for a commercial music festival?

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Then maybe that's cos many of us In this " want it now" generation only appreciate what is hot...now.

Does Glastonbury need artists with current number ones or recent albums?

Unless that's how wireless is trying to be different and appeal to generation now, but when it started it wasn't like that. Mix of old and new is what I remember.

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