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Michel Kane

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How old are you man & what's the youngest you'd go?

Got off the train at East Croydon, see one PIFF brownin' get on the tram towards my house. So I'm sitting next to her waiting for the window of opportunity to open because the tram is kinda packed & it's too bait.

Find out she's getting off same stop as me. Yes. So I approach, she's feeling it. Exchange numbers, make plans to link tomorrow & everything. Then I ask her to drop age, she's 18. In October.

f*ck this life man.

Share stories/experiences.

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on a one off 16

but thats highly unlikely as i doubt they would be in the raves i am

on an draw it down...talk to via bbm etc... has to be 18 minimum

looking at a relationship has to be no more then a 5 year gap ideally she is 2/3 years younger then me (im 26)


Young tings brazeness >>>

>>>Young tings banter

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boiiii im 23, i always said i wudnt link a 18 yo, simply coz i think they all chat sh*t

but boi, im meant to be linking one 18yo white ting with baaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk later, dnt think ill wud be on it if she didnt have the super bum tho

my cut off is 19 20

Lol, di bomme power.


Girls, what's the oldest you've ever f*cked with? How old were you?

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