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Official Drugs Cheat & Match Fixing Topic

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Everyone os getting exposed left right and center

state sponsored doping from usa/uk 

say someone has adhd or asthma and dope them up to the gills

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Laura Trott

Nicola Adams 

Chris Froome

Bradley Wiggins

Sam Townsend

Charley Hull

Heather Fisher

Siobhan-Marie O'Connor

Olivia Carnegie-Brown

Been exposed so far.... reading up on the masking agents(Or asthma lol) which they have been exposed for leads me to believe that doping in football is so huge that i can name the players who dont dope instead of the ones who do... if anyone remembers my previous post in the hair topic about the link of loss of ability with gained/no loss of hair... i have evidence to support this now.

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Brazil 2002 squad

hopefully they strip them of their medals

Amount of doping in football is crazy

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Ex-Premier League stars Carlos Tevez, Dirk Kuyt and Gabriel Heinze have been named by hackers Fancy Bears as three footballers allowed to use banned medicines during the 2010 World Cup.

The trio were among 25 players given Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) during the tournament in South Africa.

The Russian group also claims 160 players failed drugs tests in 2015 in the latest leaked documents.

Four of the failed tests were registered by UK Anti-Doping (Ukad).

Three players tested positive for cocaine and one for ecstasy.

This is the first time Fancy Bears hackers have released details about football, having previously released medical records of athletes.

What are therapeutic use exemptions?

A TUE allows an athlete, for medical reasons, to take a prescribed substance or have treatment that is otherwise prohibited.

Athletes must contact their national governing body before applying for a TUE.

There are strict criteria for one to be granted:

  • The athlete would suffer significant health problems without taking the substance.
  • It would not be significantly performance-enhancing.
  • There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative to its use.
  • The need to use it is not due to prior use without a TUE.

Ukad says it has "a number of robust controls in place to make it as difficult as possible" for athletes to misuse the system.

Fancy Bears first hacked the World Anti-Doping agency (Wada) database on 13 September last year and began revealing athletes' confidential details and information regarding TUEs.

Sir Bradley Wiggins was forced to defend himself in the face of scrutiny following the leak of his medical records.

The IAAF - athletics' world governing body - then said in April it was hacked by the group earlier this year.

Mo Farah, Helen Glover and Justin Rose were among the British athletes who had their medical files made public.



They need to drop the 160 names.

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8 British based footballers failed tests in 2015

most for coke

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It brings up a question of whether cocaine and Weed should even be bannable offences due to being preformance enhancing.


Unsurprised by the numbers though.

Tip of the iceberg imo. Would be too much of a fallout to blow the lid.


Another big one is betting regulations. Every footballer down to even semi pro level are prohibited to bet on any football match anywhere.... 


Barton the scapegoat.

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There's two sides to it though. The prosecution hasn't been able to prove 100% concrete evidence what they were doing was wrong. It's all based on an 'anonymous' source.

But Team Sky and Wiggo haven't helped themselves by 'losing evidence' and not 'remembering' what happened. Their Doctor has kept schtum.

The bigger issue is TUE's and how the doctors and exemptions in all sports allow for banned substances to be used legally.

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Dont get why anyone does it personally but then I dont smoke

Looks bummy as well walking around with shit in your gums


Are they saying it does now improve performance though?

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A 52-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday in Nicosia as part of investigations in Belgium into football match-fixing and fraud.

A total of 44 searches were carried out at top Belgian clubs and residences, federal prosecutors said in a statement. At the same time, searches of 13 houses also took place in France, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

The arrest in Nicosia followed a search of the man’s house and three offices he is believed to be involved with in Nicosia and the Famagusta district, following a European Investigation Order, issued by Belgium.

More than 15 police officers participated in the operation in Cyprus in the presence of two Belgian investigators, on the island to coordinate the raids launched simultaneously in several countries.

The 52-year-old, a European national living permanently in Cyprus, is to be extradited to Belgium.

Police seized from his home and offices two laptops, four computers, two tablets and a large number of documents. The establishments in question are not betting shops, police said.

The search and arrest were “part of investigations launched in Belgium in connection with forgery and circulation of documents, tax evasion and money laundering,” the Cyprus police said. These offences are believed to have taken place mostly in Belgium, but also other EU counties, including Cyprus, between 2012 and 2018.

A large number of people in Belgium were arrested in the raids with Belgian broadcasters VRT and RTBF saying searches had taken place at leading teams including Anderlecht, Club Bruges and Standard Liege.

Prosecutors said the searches were related to an investigation launched at the end of 2017 into suspect financial transactions in the top Belgian league, with possible charges of criminal organisation, money laundering and corruption.

Some agents were suspected of hiding commissions on transfers, players’ pay and other payments from the Belgian authorities, the prosecutors said.

“During the investigation there were indications of possible influencing of matches in the 2017-2018 season,” the prosecutors said.

The searches come after Belgium reached the World Cup semi-finals. Most of the national team squad now play abroad but previously played in the Belgian premier league, which is a major feeder of players for top European club sides.

Some of the house searches were carried out at the homes of club directors, soccer agents, referees, a former lawyer, a trainer, journalists and at an accountancy office.

“A large number of people have been deprived of their liberty and taken in for a thorough interrogation,” the prosecutors said, adding that a judge would later decide who should be held in custody or formally arrested.

The searches abroad were chiefly at offices and residences of people used to set up the suspect transactions, the prosecutors said.


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Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has been charged by the Football Association with misconduct for alleged breaches of its betting rules.

Sturridge, 29, has been given until 18:00 GMT on Tuesday, 20 November to respond to the charge, which relates to the period of January 2018.

It is alleged he breached one rule relating to betting on football, and one which covers providing information relating to football which has been "obtained by virtue of his position" and "is not publicly available".

A Liverpool spokesman said: "Daniel has given his full and unequivocal co-operation throughout this process and has assured the club he will continue to do so.

"Daniel has also stated categorically that he has never gambled on football.

"As with any issue of this nature, we will allow the process to be concluded in its entirety before making any further comment."

Sturridge, who joined Liverpool from Chelsea in 2013, spent the second half of last season at West Brom after moving on loan on 29 January.

He has won 26 caps for England, the last of which came against Lithuania in October 2017.

An FA statement said the charge against him was "specifically in relation to Rule E8(1)(a)(ii) and Rule E8(1)(b)" which are:

Rule E8(1)(a) - a participant shall not bet, either directly or indirectly, or instruct, permit, cause or enable any person to bet on - (i) the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of, or occurrence in or in connection with, a football match or competition; or (ii) any other matter concerning or related to football anywhere in the world, including, for example and without limitation, the transfer of players, employment of managers, team selection or disciplinary matters.

Rule E8(1)(b) - where a participant provides to any other person any information relating to football which the participant has obtained by virtue of his or her position within the game and which is not publicly available at that time, the participant shall be in breach of this Rule where any of that information is used by that other person for, or in relation to, betting.


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