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Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency / ICO / NFT Topic

Mr. Martinez

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gona dive in


where am i meant to be buying them carlos ur inbox is full


if u kno a trader or saink get me involved mate


just signed up to mt.gox whatever that is


£68 on there


the right place / price?


whats the hassle u speak of beavis


this verification lark? aint feelin scanning IDs - u need it to trade?


this localbitcoins.com got em goin £75 a pop

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Local your best bet is to probably see if there's a market for the things you sell within the community

get paid in bitcoins and stack some that way

there's a lot of opinion on it out there and its even worst when the sources I would trust most on economic issues are completely at odds with eachother.

I have little knowledge on the financial-sphere but I would say I'm still more certain about the value of bitcoins going up and up and up. When (IF) it gets to £500 per coin, I'll perhaps reconsider.

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wont be nothin like that carlos


i sell to almost exclusively to morons n the rest are people try make money off morons


if there's anyway to safely buy off u eskimo i'll do it but i aint gettin bumped like jonny doe


otherwise i guess im ordering off this localbitcoins place later tonight

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but yh bare different opinions


the usual ponzi scheme talk


some people claiming the cia's venture capital firm has invested in the currency, bitcoin boys admitted they were givin a presentation to the cia, duno if thats a positive or a negative


heard claims that max keiser (nutjob on RT) is the founder of bitcoin


only in it for some short term gains tbh

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llowe this currency.



hackers >>>>>



fully controlling the peaks and falls.

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