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Alexis Sanchez 7


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2 hours ago, Lieutenant said:

Brew where you at dawg


1 hour ago, Badman said:

Word on the street is you are on high security lock down 


Yo I crushed my iphone in my car door just before new years :lol:

You know them ones where you jump in your whip with your phone in your right pocket, and as you're closing the door it slips out...gawnnn

The phone was literally in a L shape.

Insurance should have me back up and running by early next week though.

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Ox on sanchez..

"The number of times we come off the pitch and we have won, but he is still not happy with something. The Crystal Palace game for example, obviously we won 2-0 but right at the end of the game he's cut in, passed it to me and then I shot, but [Wayne] Hennessey just about saved it.


"The boys were all happy in the dressing room but Alexis came to me in the shower and he's like: 'My friend, are you going to score?! Oh no my friend... I passed you the ball, you have a cup of tea, you wait... and then you shoot!' I was just laughing like: 'Yeah, sorry my friend...'


Gonna miss him when he's gone.

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Arsene Wenger made the bold decision to bench Alexis Sanchez after the Chilean quit a training session just days before Arsenal's marquee match against Liverpool, the Guardian's David Hynter reports.

A furious spat between Sanchez and some incensed teammates ensued in the dressing room, Matt Law of The Telegraph adds, sparking questions over the player's attitude amid a standoff over his future at the club.

Many Arsenal players reportedly supported Wenger's resolution to drop Sanchez for the high-profile clash - even though the player's exclusion drew intense criticism from fans and pundits alike.

The 28-year-old had an immediate impact on the match after replacing Francis Coquelin in the second half, setting up the Gunners' only goal in a 3-1 defeat.

But his second-half effort did little to soothe what has been a troubling few weeks in north London.

With rumoured suitors Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain circling above, Sanchez - who is having a season worthy of Player of the Year honours - has cut a frustrated figure.

While Wenger indicated publicly the decision to sit Sanchez was tactically motivated, the Mirror's John Cross contends a series of incidents led to the benching.

A "simmering row" after Arsenal's 5-1 capitulation to Bayern Munich on Feb. 15 was the beginning of a breakdown in the pair's relationship, according to Cross.

Although Sanchez scored the his team's lone goal in an otherwise humiliating effort at the Allianz Arena, Wenger reportedly called out the former Barcelona winger for being selfish.

To make matters worse, Cross believes the embattled Arsenal manager now has the impression Sanchez will force a move away from the Emirates at the end of the season.

His contract expires in June 2018.


So bait,

Was saying to my boy that Wenger would rather lose Alexis than Ozil, can't have someone like Alexis calling him out on his shit.

whole club needs gutting, top to bottom.

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All over the media today.

Looks like the club are leaking shit in anticipation of him cutting. 

Can't remember a situation like this under Wenger in the middle of the season. 

Feel for Sanchez. Real G surrounded a bunch of snakes and pussyoles.

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Imagine winning Copa America and then coming back to England to watch Wes Morgan lift the prem

Should've left last summer

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