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More versatile than myspace to fully decline I agree.

The trick is mastering it's algo' or being a step ahead. Which is complex to keep up with organically. So people are subscribing to bots to stay on top and drive traffic. 

Eventually the majority evens out. It won't be about the content any longer

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Facebook is smart enough to have purchased the next platform by the time that happens.

Imagine. The same company owns Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Snap Inc and Twitter are good competitors and both still hold a reasonable size of the market. But it just feels like they're producing products to be duplicated by the giant.

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19 minutes ago, Realone2016 said:

How recent is that kartel pic? Pretty sure i saw other pics of him looking much more beefy don looks even skinnier than he was when he was out.

Check the comments

An thats the jail scenery

He even says in the comments when was i ever fat, but he defo was podgg when he was brown an life was nice

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