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Anyone going to the olympics?


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No couldnt get anything

Will go to the park though, will be like Henman Hill/Murrary Mound

you got tickets for that?

apparently you need ticketse to go into the Olympic Park and they are sold out :mad:

What the hell, thought you could buy on the day


i don't know about that. Maybe they have an allocation for that but can you imagine the queue for it? I expect people would be lining up hours before.


i'm actually pissed off a bit now. I couldn't give a single f*ck for the olympics before but now i'm starting to get interested in it and have nothing.

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trying to speech the algerian olympic committee for some free tickets as ive dealt with them in the past, not hopeful though, ive just had one of our staff call the olympic committee to invite them out for dinner with us.

Wouldnt mind seeing the algeria vs GB volleyball match, but id take any free tickets tbh

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Do yourself a favour and save your time and money to go watch a premiership match when its back on

Allow going to watch a man lift a weight or watch some shitty volleyball

You know once your sitting there you will be bored off your nut and cant wait to leave

Will not be wasting my time even watching the events on tv tbh, probably will watch the 100 metre race and the odd footy match and thats it

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