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The Mesut Ozil Thread


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I'm strictly talking statistics here.


Nobody has set up more goals than the German since he arrived in La Liga. On 47 occasions – tied with [/size]Lionel Messi. Last season, under Jose Mourinho, he created a whopping 91 chances for his colleagues in the league, nearly 30 more than anyone else at Madrid, with 13 of them being turned into goals.[/size]



Look at it how you want,


Our Mesut >>>

Bro, I'm not disputing with you in terms of how good Özil is creatively. I think he's top 3 in the world no question HOWEVER, you can't talk 'strictly statisitcs'. Statistics go hand in hand with context & appropriation.


Of course statistics can be viewed exclusively.


When the BPL finishes there's only one top scorer, irrespective of context or any other external factor.


I see what your saying tho, but my comment still stands.

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Darkman, he's best footballer we've signed since Bergkamp in terms of where he already is in his development.

Henry & Fabregas were a long way away from what Ozil is & even Cazorla was when we signed them.


Maybe so but when you think Ozil and Carzola will never be as good as Henry and maybe even Fabregas what does it matter?

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I have no idea how you can be somewhat confident that someone as good as Ozil & as good as Cazorla can't emulate or surpass the likes of Henry & lol, Fabgreas.

I'll leave it there though.


lol Carzola is 28 mate. He isn't going to get much better.


As for Ozil, he may go on to be a great player for us but he aint overtaking Henry, let's be serious

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Arsenal's new signing, Mesut Ozil, has given an exclusive interview to DFB TV.



Why did you choose to move to Arsenal?

Firstly, I’m really looking forward to it because I have the faith of the coach. I had spoken to him at length on the telephone and he explained his plans and that he has faith in me and that is what I need as a player. I’m also looking forward to being on the same team as Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker. I’m looking forward to the new challenge there. I’ve already heard that they have super fans, the city is great and the team is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to that.



Arsène Wenger speaks very good German. Does that help?

Of course. Not just him but some of my national team colleagues are there and they will probably help me. I'm just looking forward to the new challenge.



Was the World Cup a factor in your decision?

Of course. Arsène Wenger will give me the trust to help me develop further. I want to be completely fit for the World Cup. I know what I can do and what potential I have. I could have established myself at any club. I know that because I'm convinced of my own ability. At Arsenal, I can feel that there is trust. I'm looking forward to the challenge. I will develop under my new manager and I'm looking forward to [playing in] the Premier League too. Wenger gives me the faith and I can develop further.

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Defender Sergio Ramos said: 'It's obvious that he is a special teammate and friend,'


'I've always had a real 'feeling' with him, and it's a shame. He's a great footballer, unique.


'Ozil would be the very last player who I would sell from Real Madrid, if it was up to me. I don't understand this.


'But he has decided, and the club too. We have a great team and I hope it will be a big year [for us].'


Ramos took to Twitter to post a picture of him holding Ozil's last ever Madrid shirt, with the message: 'Your last match's t-shirt will be kept foundly with me.'


Madrid playmaker Isco, who joined the club from Malaga this summer, added of Ozil's sale in Marca: 'To be honest it has surprised me, and more so after he said last week that he was going to stay.

'We all know Ozil, he has a lot of quality and he's a player who is capable of changing a game."


Alvaro Arbeloa, who like Madrid team-mates Isco and Ramos is currently on international duty with Spain, echoed the thoughts of his colleagues and admitted Ozil would be missed both on and off the pitch.


He said in AS: 'I'm a little bit surprised, it's a shame, and it's a big loss to the dressing room, on a footballing level and on a personal level too.


'He said goodbye to us on Sunday, but I thought he was joking. He's very different, there's no player like him in the world. He makes the difference on the pitch.


'He'll have his reasons for moving. But we will keep looking forward, we have other great players. I understand it's tough for the fans, they loved him. He is a phenomenon and got on well with everyone. It's a real loss.'

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