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Lauren Goodger Sex Tape

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This is the thing though, everything I say on here is considered, you will say homo shit by accident, they are without doubt Freudian slips.   Then when people question you about it you go on the defe

Toney hasn't been this mad since jermaine beckford never made it in the prem

If I can't find it, then that shit is a myth.

Sole ain't you the same homo who said to Chaps


"I'll make you a real boy"



The same homo who said


"Do not want"


about mature p*ssy



Let alone your oestrogen filled whining in the vent room about nobody being there for you.



Facts >>>> Fiction

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Pmsl proper reaching now son

yes toney and you have misinterpreted each line as gay innuendo

that says more about you than me.

I explained the post in the vent room but nice try...you have probably been made a woman on more than one occasion so lol

you're a known faggot on here who's had been exposed and exposed yourself numerous times.

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Heard so much about this, thought it was going to be a decent tape. 6 seconds of her giving a subpar BJ...how disappointing  ^_)

lol u aint seen anything on vip2 yet mate i telll ya


Well yeah, I'd hope a shite BJ from a TOWIE trollop isn't representative of the forum. Lol

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