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    Then a few weeks later... Giggs was clueless, Phil was a sideman and Moyes was an indecisive, spineless c*nt.
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    how on earth can she be possible wifey when you dont even know the basics about her
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    Giggs is the godfather of uk rap single handily killed grime and changed the face of the uk street scene need to put some respek on his name
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    In my whatsapp group and don try tell me he's not WC. He supports Arsenal. When Thiago clean raped them at the Allianz, I promise you man I went IN. Special player, fucking wavy. Yes that U23 tourney... ? Pure delight.
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    no youre clearly not in the mind frame for that, otherwise youd just do it comfortably
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    oi smads he's not a lady that's advice for a lady
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    yeah go on mate get stuck into a few simultaneous half arsed relationships and treat em all horrible until it blows up just keep yourself busy really you'll be over it soon
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    fuck sake if im disciplining my child and telling him to do something dont jump in and say "no its OK" people need to stay in their fuckin lanes
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    fam, I got my licence last July. no tax, no insurance and i parked on a double yellow, got a ticket, left the car in the same spot, got a ticket the next day, car disappeared that same day couldnt retrieve it if i wanted to the days before ANPR were sick
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    The real issue here is the fact hes having twins from a surrogate and were all that conditioned to believe this is now the social norm we arent cattle ffs
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    you man really in your feelings about giggs getting no love loooool
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    lfmddsfmlkmdsfldsmldfsfds fsd fsd fds'sdf s took man for han solo frozen in carbonite
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    Theyre all great, but this has to be my favourite assist of all time
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    the congregation came out for me boy
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    public hanging in mosul levels for that kinda fuckery. rest assured tho... http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/03/30-1/crunchyroll-to-stream-season-two-of-attack-on-titan-anime
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    Attack on titan season 2 drops this weekend. gonna catch up on season 1 beforehand tho.
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    I hated the way he sounded so resentful of straight couples and ignorant as well. Also hated that Philip try say he has baby brain. Sooo incredibly insulting
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    He's a different gravy I tells ya. Thought it was good but I know there's much better pending.
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    Speaking of random fave cars Ford puma >>> Got it for like 8 bills off ebay about 10 years ago and fuckin loved it. Got towed and crushed, RIP
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    Deffo did it on purpose. His acting on this is even worse than the show. How much you reckon it would cost to buy rights to Hollyoaks so I could just take it off air? If I win the euromillions I will be enquiring.
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    Did you beat?
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    *reactivates profile*
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    first happy un-pessimistic post from dub in about 4/5 years
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    tinder is foul. believe the most average 5/10 has in excess of 100 guys in her dms, all wanting to buy her drinks and take her out. online dating is shit unless you wanna beat fat baby mums or girls with severe mental problems.
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    That's all your luck done. Never go near another roulette machine again
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    Went in a bookies for the first time in years, needed cash but couldnt be bothered to walk all the way to the cashpoint... told them put £50 on the machine instead of hitting collect the voice in my head made me go to roulette (think its cos some girl told me she won 2 bags at the casino last weekend) started spinning in half hour got all the way up to 5 bills, ting just kept landing on where i had all my money no £0 losses just sometimes i got less then my stake At 500 someting i lost my first spin... and cashed out was a little gassed didnt want the change... wanted a nice round number so stuck the rest of it on a horse @ 5/2 Won that as well only needed £40 to change something on my car Thats more then ive made on football all 2017
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    lol @ that long arse caption. Just upload pictures and shush nuh
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    pmsl Some twilight zone shit Diddy Olu Dara Muhammad Shabazz>>>
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    lol gambino is such a bitch, still going on with them antics shits funny
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