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    Giggs is the godfather of uk rap single handily killed grime and changed the face of the uk street scene need to put some respek on his name
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    The real issue here is the fact hes having twins from a surrogate and were all that conditioned to believe this is now the social norm we arent cattle ffs
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    you man really in your feelings about giggs getting no love loooool
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    lfmddsfmlkmdsfldsmldfsfds fsd fsd fds'sdf s took man for han solo frozen in carbonite
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    Theyre all great, but this has to be my favourite assist of all time
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    Only cared about Mercedes back and lighty with frizzy hair
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    Speaking of random fave cars Ford puma >>> Got it for like 8 bills off ebay about 10 years ago and fuckin loved it. Got towed and crushed, RIP
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    Deffo did it on purpose. His acting on this is even worse than the show. How much you reckon it would cost to buy rights to Hollyoaks so I could just take it off air? If I win the euromillions I will be enquiring.
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    Did you beat?
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    Hay thank you and yes im loving this sunshine too currently sat in a beer garden going for a long walk in the countryside god bless the countryside hahahaha
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    real talm i didn't even know it was still going
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    *reactivates profile*
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    first happy un-pessimistic post from dub in about 4/5 years
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    Hollyoaks was the one when OB punched Claire Fell off when the head writer left for Eastenders then all the new characters that came in were gay. Swear Ste(the dickhead in this vid) came in the show as a bad boy who got his teenage girlfriend pregnant... next thing you know hes gay... locked off
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    tinder is foul. believe the most average 5/10 has in excess of 100 guys in her dms, all wanting to buy her drinks and take her out. online dating is shit unless you wanna beat fat baby mums or girls with severe mental problems.
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    lol @ that long arse caption. Just upload pictures and shush nuh
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    defo spat my dummy out when you missed that one
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    I literally just wrote off tge idea of looking for pum for a few months and focused on what I wanted to improve in my life. Got back into football, gym, and just relaxing in general . Come new year decided to get back on the wagon. Main thing is if gyal can't fit around my schedule I'm not wasting my time and effort for them.
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