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Wireless 2016


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Hackney weekender before the olympics >>>>>>>>>>>>> wireless

I dont fuk wid wireless from when the disrespected the trap gawd Jeezy one year an put him on at 2pm

Woke up at 1pm flew straight down hyde

Cunts had man Runnin through hyde park, spliff lit, tryna get to the stage, knockin becky an marks pimms out there hand while "get your mind right" pumps from the speakers

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Hahaha I remember that

Was live though. Can recall bare people shouting 'jeezy jeezy' in a football hooligan type chant. Was funny as fuck.

Shortly after ndubz came out and had me weebay.gifin for an hour as 50k people screamed every word to every song. Was like rah.

Olympic park should've been the last one. Was a good day out but the walk at the end was a killer. Don't know how we managed to get home in the state we were in.

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It's not london it's the area. Take it to Hyde park, Wimbledon, or another park in west or east, definitely nowhere in south and away from Finsbury Park. Anywhere the wild animals can't roam

Is there another Wimbledon that's not in South London?

Oh yea.. SW. But you know what I mean

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people have been talking about the security at previous wireless festivals so I'm providing an update to wireless festival security.

I want the lineup improved so the security update isn't personally relevant to me as I want to see an update to the lineup.

anything else?

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Guest Blacksheet
33 minutes ago, Lens said:

I follow them on twitter awaiting lineup updates, so when there was an update I thought to share it. 

Weird yout

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