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Had a recurring nightmare last night. Thankfully i realised it was a dream an managed to yell myself out of it

Still shaken up though

Need to change ALOT of things in my life now. So much.

My subconscious throwin out warnings

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On 10/10/2017 at 3:48 PM, MGEEZ said:

What jobs u applying for at DsT




What did the ting look like? 

All audio visual roles. Got to the final stages at Amazon but didn't get the role


Dunno she's like Turkish looking or something. They offered me the role today so will have to gracefully decline.

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20 minutes ago, MGEEZ said:

What do u mean audio visual role I'm not sure what that is?


Ye if the vibe not right I wouldn't take it either 

So depends on where I'm working. Setting up for events. Running the audio side during events and video stuff..keeping video conferencing systems working etc...that kinda thing. Depends on where you're working tbh

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