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Love Island


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Its jokes but a bit too friendly for me

ex on the beach >>> 

all other reality shows 

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Just caught up...

That Amber is a certified hoe, clocked all the tell tale signs when she was telling man about they should have a cuddle in bed on the first night and how its ok...was like oh shes one of them girls... next thing shes lipsing man and telling him dont tell anyone 

And then it comes out she got fucked by 2 man in the same night.... Was like knew it from that first convo she had with that dull simpleton guy shes sharing a bed with 

and what compounds shes a top top hoe is when she encouraged the other girl to share the sofa with next man... hoes like to spread their hoeishness to other borderline hoes.

 Would not be surprised if she dumps the guy shes with and kem for them new mans.

Show needs more tings on Jessicas level



No one knowing blazing squad made me fee old

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Tim sherwood come in and shaking shit up

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these hoes maayne.....

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8 hours ago, Ephren Taylor said:

Mike aint playing no games

Tyne Lexi was doomed from early...


Enjoying the snakiness this season

Man called him Muggy Mike and he did fuck all ?

Chris is too funny 

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