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    Lol isn't it based on some dude who was eating a man's head on the motorway? / This along the invisible car and the transracial will be forever classic. Some real life boondocks.
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    I tried to listen to this but hearing grown women who talk as if they’ve barely left secondary school is excruciating. How do you get to your 20s/30s and still talk saying: “like, so like, but like, so basically like, but also like.” Jesus Christ. I hope they don’t breed.
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    Just your typical coons I never understood it
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    We gone back in a time machine?
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    The amount of negs I got when I said he needed more respect a few months back.
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    Should be in that French squad. Deschamp needs to swallow his pride.
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    Made my last ever deal as a middle man. The player has moved from one 🇧🇪 club to another 🇧🇪 club for €2M This time next summer that €2M will be going straight to my club.
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    Do other black people in your offices act weird towards you guys? these fuckers will stare at my boat and not say hello even after I have smiled and said Hi. weirdo's
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    Didn't say anything about keeping the black man down Not even sure how you came to that line from anything that was said. My point was quite clear. (Whether it be right or wrong) It's about the youth crime narrative. When you label a man in his 30's as being 20. Despite having spoken to his Aunt and at least one paper printing the correct age. I think it's odd that it is still being put out there that he is 20. Easy to rectify and edit the story no? At very least; stop repeating the falsehood.
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    18:30 for the story Godcast >>>
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    Been out in Texas for last 3 weeks lads. Lucky to have caught 3 Rockets games and seen the Spurs and Cavs the other night. NBA live is something else. Purely molded for fan entertainment. Davis> Russ> Harden>> Kawhi> San Antonio fans are fucking annoying though, bare dumb chants.
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    The faggots never do🤦🏾‍♂️ consistently neg you when they could just easily scroll past
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    Bruh, it's just a coloured number. Wtf
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    The facts remain that in all the threads where I post polemical, contrarian and generally anti mainstream ideas, these are when emotions are triggered and I collect bare negative feedback lol come like I am the intelligent, young and black version of Christopher Hitchens, Milo, or even a dunce like Katie 🤣 contrarianzzz4lyfe ya Hurd? This forum would be dead without my bants 😃
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    Pathetic micro aggressions. You would be a nightmare gf to have but then I’d never go for a mannish looking woman wearing old wallabies if that pic was anything to go by. The irony is the persistence of people sharing their so called apathy? Why are the majority such cunts on here? If it’s not the beggy wigger c*nt Thizz it’s this dumb lesbian. This place could and should be a good alternative to black twitter if it wasn’t full of such utter cunts
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    Haha pipe down you daft c*nt. This Grafter woman is deffo butters that pic alone confirms that. May be why she’s got bad vibes erry bloodclart day on Di forum. You are just a mongy and beggy c*nt overall. Worst type of wigger c*nt 👍🏾👌🏾
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    You pathetic c*nt 🤣 so I’m lonely and touched now coz I called you butters? Just say the pic wasn’t you then? but if it was, peak.... if U can see the girls I’ve beat compared to u it’s actually mad lol but that’s all irrelevant. Majority of my posts on here I don’t send for people I am talking about serious things till ppl get triggered. Man like Niall Ferguson used to bring some much needed balance and sense to this place
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    I hope these black women who are working there weren’t the same ones crying about the fact the short one doesn’t rate black women.
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    I guess we are seeing different things mate ramos fully grabbed salah's arm and kept holding while they fell, awkward landing? fuck right off if u are cool with dem dirty tactics cool but please don't insult my intelligence by going on like that was some accidental shit watch how he times his rotation onto salah's arm as his about to land, some would say he did it to break his fall/not land on his face but i am not buying it lol neg me all u like, no need for the dark arts in football imo
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    @Incumbent Man like Ramos is asking if you've ever kicked ball?
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    Catch him at the back of the church....sinnnnnnnnnnns...........psalmsssssssssss etc
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    what specifics are youa sking for? whats your specific question??? i gave you some examples.. schools? Dame alice owen, latymer, highgate, harrow. those are some specifics. They are strict but have a matching pastoral care support system, there will always be some old school teachers who think differently as well as the daem Bias when it comes to black kids. On the whole, most people will do well in a good environment. its like claiming that only geniuses can survive in Oxbridge.. when the reality is that the environment provides the natural habitat for excellence to thrive. no worries about finances to survive on your essential needs on campus, not allowed to work.. renowned lecturers teaching you from books they wrote.. etc.