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We talking big issues right?

Why do they all have European headgear? 

Can only hope the gun jams one day and nature takes its due course.

its good 4 networkin still, got man like styles p givin out personal email to send ur beats an sh*t
yeah, while it's fairly new ur more likely to have ppl notice ur stauts/pay attention Give it a few months and it'll be another myspace bulletin board, with a few cunts re-posting the same thing 200 times a day.
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wtf is this sh*t.herd it mentioned a few times.
i thought the exact same thing a couple weeks ago and after a bit of googling...i think they call it micro-bloggingbasically the status bit from msn/myspace/facebookyou can make posts of a maximum of 140 charactersyou can access it via your phone, computer and i think email or somethingso u post ur updates and people can choose to follow ur updatesvery basic but maybe thats why people like it
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I don't use any sites like facebook or twitter.
i wondered why i couldn't find u, though i was spelling ur second name wrong.
how do you know my name mate?
It's in ur avi. I tried Erek, Erik, Erec, none of them worked.
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