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We talking big issues right?

Why do they all have European headgear? 

Can only hope the gun jams one day and nature takes its due course.

19 minutes ago, JOHN DOE said:


wonder what he had on him/ vehicle / at yard

if he hasnt been caught hes defo going to be now as a result of this viral footage 

links taking out phones to record guys being breathlysed is this life 


Can tell the girl had no sense from man jumped back in the whip and she's got the door wide open still recording.

These are the type of gyal man are doing flashy lifestyle for :/



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8 minutes ago, Seydou said:

All seriousness, you think a woman should be out there and policing?

Yes because there is a place for them. Everything in life requires balance

An in the very least scenario, women police are needed to search women. Been in a situation where I didn't get searched simply because there were no female officers near by. Is that effective? No.

Not every policing effort is gna be physical. They hold authority anyway because of the fact they are police so they can do the job for the most part. There's no evidence to suggest female police are not effective or unnecessary. Its just two at a time is silly. An if they were two fat male police I'd deem them pretty useless too. All a dem beat police need to be in the gym. There should be minimum fitness levels throughout their careers or we are wastin tax payers money.

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