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A complete list of plants

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Brilliant marketing to have people working in adidas stores wearing... adidas?  

No not this guy     But his twin brother is an industry plant      

Its the WWE's own fault remember the rumble before the one he got booed at with the rock.  Remember Reigns was cheered heavily.  Basically the fans are shitting on the product. Fans only turned on him when it became apparent that he was the new face the company were pushing the fans just literally switched. plus the whole yes moment got to fans heads

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56 minutes ago, O Fenomeno said:

The whole family are plants



Rikishi & Sons 



Good watch on rikishis sons

family aint plants they been around 3/4 generations since the 60s

id say the rock is maybe for his bring in but roman reigns ? % if you hear his story... man was chosen as the next rock before he even wrestled ? 

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WWE Superstar Eva Marie (if you can call her that) has been the center of hate for a couple years now. She was brought to television with little to no training in 2013 due to her push to the WWE Total Divas show that just so happened to be starting at the same time. You may have noticed this past week on her SmackDown bio that there was a claim she won the 2013 Diva Search. Most felt this was just a made-up stat to give Eva Marie something to claim. Interestingly, there actually was a Diva Search in 2013, but it was done privately.

The search would also give us JoJo Offerman and CJ Perry, who is known as Lana now. How she won the search when it was probably not competition-based for television is not known, but she did. This led them to the company offering her a guaranteed contract, which is probably why they put her on television so quickly. To be fair, JoJo also saw the same thing. However, she was removed while Eva remained.

WWE eventually realized that Eva Marie couldn’t wrestle at all and that her promos were absolutely terrible. They would eventually send her down to the WWE Performance Center to get better and would also end up giving her a personal trainer in great veteran The Brian Kendrick. WWE would eventually put her on WWE NXT, where she showed minor — and we really mean minor — improvement. Her promos, however, improved a lot.

Eva Marie Becky Lynch [Image via WWE]

Basically, WWE was left with a hot redhead who could talk well. However, she could not wrestle, and this eventually led to her removal from NXT, where she would only have a handful of matches. Yet for some reason, this allowed for her to be called back up — to SmackDown of all places. This was supposedly the wrestling show. She was set to be part of a match with veteran grappler and real-life redhead Becky Lynch on SmackDown Live but faked an injury to avoid competing.

This tells fans that the company knows she can’t wrestle, especially with someone the caliber of Lynch. However, this may not matter. According to Ringside News, the plan is to give Eva Marie a big push on SmackDown Live. Apparently, WWE is still set on wanting her to be one of the top female stars in the WWE. The reason for this is that WWE feels she has a great look, especially of what they feel a female WWE Superstar should look like. This means we can probably expect her to be part of the top female storylines on SmackDown Live eventually.

Apparently, they forget that she lacks the talent to be at the top. There are nine women in the company right now, one injured, who are better than her and deserve to be given a spot ahead of her. Even Lana, who has very little experience in the ring or wrestling training, has proved she can do more.

Eva Marie NXT [Image via WWE]

The fans turned on Eva Marie not because they were jealous of her looks or that she came off as a prude — they turned on her because she proved she could not wrestle in a new world where wrestling truly matters as a female WWE Superstar. With the rise of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and now Asuka, WWE is now all about the female revolution and having women matter more than ever. They want to see the ladies succeed and get opportunities that only the men used to get.

The reason for this is that they have proven they can main event PPVs and steal shows with their matches. However, Eva has not been part of this. She was the old era that was full of models and very few great workers. The NXT Horsewomen have succeeded in WWE in spite of the push of people like Eva Marie. The fact that they could be overlooked for someone who has the wrestling talent of a normal fan with a broken leg is quite sad to see indeed.

Theoretically, if she managed to get very good in the ring then fans would be more than open to her going to the top of the card. However, with so many great women on SmackDown Live, all better than Eva Marie, it would be a shame if she became the leader of that division at any point. Sadly, this could be the reality of the blue brand’s female division in the future.


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2 minutes ago, FA23 said:


Bugzy is on on the JD payroll

Makes sense had youtube on the tv playing worldstar

went in for a shower, ironed some clothes came in to the front room and its playing bugzy... check the history and its played like 10 bugzy malone songs in a row

ever since then the cunt keeps coming up on my recommended list no matter what im watching 


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2 minutes ago, Greens said:

Kendrick a plant?

Guy was grinding for time since he went by K Dot, built a buzz with Black Hippy and TDE, dropped Section 80 to mass acclaim then got signed by Dre.

The rise was pretty organic imo.

Kendrick was with Dre wayyyyyyy before Section 80

first big mixtape when Slim Da Mobster and them were knocking bout the camp too

that noisey doc was just too much for me man

sat in the garden wearing socks and sliders while man push weights on the bench in the background 


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