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The Festival thread

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Could hardly tell the difference when you put that nose thing on

People that dont like Kanye's rants just dont get it tbh..

This is why I hate people.

so did whoever was trying on here, get into Glastonbury just by dropping money at the gates?


I had to show my ticket 2/3 times so doubt that would work.


Saw a couple people getting kicked back as well because the pic on the ticket didn't match. 

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There's 100s of staff on the gates at glasto.

I met many many people who sneaked in. Some who paid stewards for fake wristbands. Some had some crazy way of sneaking in that they wouldn't share but meant that like 7-8 of them just walked in somehow.

Most common way I heard of sneaking was hiding in the workers land rovers

My friends boyfriend came on Saturday with his brother's ticket. The person checking it knew it wasn't him. Said something like 'how are you today Michael, if that's your real name!??' Then started laughing and told him to enjoy his festival.

Just depends on who you get.

Best effort was of course...


..straight into the stone circle you know :lol:

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Guest babatundestacks

Thats what happens when you have expensive festivals in the hood.

The target audience is supposed to be urban youts.

Bout your charging them prices smh

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