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15 minutes ago, MGEEZ said:

So kl I have 401 tokens in hoqu. 


Do I have to wait for them to say which exchange it will be be on or how does it work? 


And then I'd have to transfer from my imtoken wallet to that exchange and sell for usd or gdp?

Yea they should have a date for token distribution. You probably won't find out what exchanges until closer to the time. Then it's upto you to sell or HODL. 

You will probably have BTC ETH and maybe LTC pairs.

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guy heard group and came rushing in   

In this game you have to sign up to the white list and ask questions later because there are some projects you don't think are all that but they end up having ridiculous hype once the white list is cl

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4 hours ago, Supermalt said:

Fuck coinbase. Wish it was trashed more in this thread earlier.

it's not trashed coz it's designed for unseasoned/newbies

it's easy to use and very convenient and accessible although their days are numbered if they don't switch up starting by adding more digital assets


i just hate their fees


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6 hours ago, Mr. Martinez said:

I'm such an idiot. Would be crazy up had I not traded my LTC yesterday. Literally sold LTC for 2 other coins. LTC goes up 30%. Those 2 coins go down 15% 

Every lesson I'm learning in this game is about patience. 

nearly did the same yesterday but I feel asleep :lol:

was going to spend all my 3 litecoins and put into crypto funds until i woke up this morning and saw the rise, read their updates and i was like



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