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Motorcyclists shoot car, causing it to explode on Old Kent Road


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he should have ducked down and slammed on the breaks




Bruv the car blew up, what are you on.


He's not Neo.


i have been in a car (as a passenger) being chased by bikes before (police bikes)  if there right behind u slam on the brakes, they either have to ditch the bikes and slide along the road or slam into the back of the car either way problem solved



Police bikes don't shoot at you though. Not saying you're chatting ess , but when someone's shooting after you I dunno if reducing the distance is good at any point. Probably just helping a shitty shooters aim.


He most likely did one of the things you said and it probably caused him to crash. Could have caught a headshot and crashed, could have caught a shoulder/arm/body shot while braking and lost control and crashed.

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