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NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

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You're a big man moving like some 16yo girl from bucks smh

young bape rubbing his hands    young bape rubbing his hands like birdman right now

I could swipe for 5 minutes on Tinder and show you better.


She's below average fam. Bare foundation.

What kind of chicks you get on Tinder? Heard they were all hoes and after free nights out. Lol. You been successful on there?

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I turned off after 3 minutes.


Met Vis a few times. Not gonna say I know him. I don't. But I know Ace. And I know these man KNOW what happens in the scene and know all the stories, so tbh I'm disappointed with these interviews. Viz needs to be asking the QUESTIONS. CTG, Envy and Yee are IN the music industry. They hear stuff and know stuff, and use all that to their advantage. It could really pop off if these man wouldn't hold back.


I grew up to So Solid. I didn't wanna hear how much his watch cost and blah blah blah. I wanted to know what happened with SMS. All the stuff that kept them back growing up when trying to make moves etc.


Interviews have been straight TRASH. And that fat lightskin Miss Piggy needs to f*ck off.

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well atleast they have sorted out the mic placements this time round.


hopefully in the next interview when they have someone worthwhile the audio will be bless, I had to lock of the GLC one as that was annoyingly poor audiowise

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