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clear off culture vulch

here we go  the black capns saving this emo  radar as a whole is a radio station owned and operated by these white culture vultures this joe guy has been using our discussions and tatse

U say so much stupid stuff on here. Just a dumb guy all round 

A whole host of stuff.


Touchline Fracas (My podcast  ;))


The Brilliant Idiots


The Read


The Beige Philip Show


Football Weekly


The Big Interview with Graham Hunter


Coaching Soccer Weekly


The Combat Jack Show



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Used to listen the one Tim Vickery used to be on but he said a few things I didn't agree on so I stopped listen

Nowdays I listen to


Some Middle East Football

For research purposes

I am looking to smash that market this summer

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I probably listen to podcasts more than music nowadays.


Mine are:

A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal (just started, first ep was with Alchemist. Pretty good)

The Opie Radio Podcast (comedy - mainly Jim Norton)

The 3 Knockdown Rule (Boxing - with Steve Kim and Mario Lopez)

The Knowledge Project (Life discussions with scholars and public figures)

Low End Theory podcast (music sets from a club in LA (I think))

Heres the Thing with Alec Baldwin (I'd definitely recommend this - discussions between Alec Baldwin and politicians, actors, directors etc)

The Champs (Comedy - Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher + guests every ep)

Michael Yo and Jo Koy Show (comedy - these two talking shit about what they've been up to)

Talking Economics (pretty self explanatory)

Investtalk (same)

Defected In the House (Defected, the record label, their podcast)

Boxing Asylum's The Nuthouse (Weekly boxing recap of weekends fights)

The Anfield Wrap (Liverpool football/culture stuff)

Juan Epstein (Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds doing hip hop - probably the best podcast in the list)

Combat Jack (probably gonna drop this though. Combat Jack pisses me off now. Too sanctimonious.)


Podcasts >>>

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Ric Flair Woo Nation - pretty self explanatory Ric Flair and a guest chew the fat for an hour. First episode had Kurt Angle was on. Very interesting.

No Church For The Wild - gems upon gems upon gems upon gems

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freakeconomics radio 


startalk radioshow with neil degrasse tyson (talks about science)


t.d. jakes (church)


mode one with alan roger currie (women)


DRT Doom room tycoon (start up ceo being interviewed)


joel osteen (church)


tariq elite (black issues, women)

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Ted Radio Hour - subjects that've been covered in TED, looked into for an hour, interviews from the TED speakers + extra coverage and research into the topics

Freakonomics - more weird economics, basically an expansion on the books, covering some of the same topics and new ones


if you've never read Freakonomics, you can get a good impression of how its not just boring old academic economic study from the chapter titles


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Android doesn't have a decent free app really (haven't tried premium ones), not compared to Apple's default iPhone Podcasts app.

Last one I was using was Podcast Addict, but BeyondPod I recall being better.

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