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Raheem Sterling Racist Media Campaign


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Black fan right next to him

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Rivalry aside I really like Sterling

He seems genuine,down to earth and is pretty much a model professional.

Regarding racism in football bar the odd one or two,sterling being one i have no sympathy for the black footballers in general  and i fully support the white man in the quest to label them niggers,coons and black cunts.

Reason being a lot of these black footballers are racist themselves.

Towards black women.

Made me laugh seeing the likes of bolassie,aubameyang and delph replying to sterlings instagram post because not one of these has pro created with a black woman and their descendants will eventually end up like this.



Damn right their gleefuly giving that thumbs up sign lol. All that wealth earned off the blood sweat and tears of a black person being left to them.


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2 hours ago, TheOneGameBaller said:

But it was funny (to some of you) when a black player had a banana thrown at him last week? Hmm. Some of you are fucking flip flopping clowns. Bandwagoners

Happy to be proven wrong but pretty sure you've just made this up?


I used to think he was just trolling for the dollar, but I think he actually believes this

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8 minutes ago, Drift said:

Liverpool opened the floodgate when they decided to launch the PR offensive on him for not wanting to play for Brendan Rodgers and labeled him "greedy". Gave the English press the green light.

But there was rumours of his 3 baby mums or whatever when he was 16 years old in the under 18’s he was completely unknown them times 

this started way before his contract negotiations 

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