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2 hours ago, Young Bape said:

U think I give a damn about what a blogger says? lmao in the grand scheme of things your opinion doesn't mean nothing mate. Facts 

Thanks for that.

1) I already know your a fan of his, and didn't read those 'facts'.

2) At no point did I say you or anyone of his other fans care about what I want to hear in a club. Nor do I care, as I know you're not hitting the same clubs that I am, with them kinda DJ requests :lol:

3) Where do all of those facts, factually prove that his music is highly anticipated / requested at any party/club?

The only Eminem song I can recall hearing in a club, is a song about Dr Dre.

Speaking from my own personal experiences clubs that play hip-hop, are NOT playing Eminem. And clubs that play mainstream / pop music... still aren't playing Eminem, they're playing ACTUAL pop music lol. If they are it probably featured Rihanna, or Akon, but that's just me hazarding a guess.

(Edit:- I was gonna just pass over the fact that a nerve was clearly touched. But Greens mentioned it anyway)

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