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Nile Ranger


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lucky he plays for Newcastle tbh, would have been let go long before anywhere else

but that being said didnt he sign a new contract recently?

i read that they're releasing him in january

got arrested twice this month, once for drink driving and the other for assault

they told him to find a new club

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Hes been banned from newcastle city center :lol:

Newcastle United’s Nile Ranger was yesterday banned by a court from entering the city centre at night.

Ranger, 20, has denied assault and assault occasioning ABH over an alleged brawl outside a bar in August, and also being drunk and disorderly in a separate bust up in October.

District judge Stephen Earl told him: “I’m concerned that without conditional bail there may be more trouble.”

Ranger, of Forest Hall, North Tyneside, will appear at the city’s magistrates court in January, when the cases will be sent to crown court. The ban remains until then.

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/11/18/city-centre-ban-for-newcastle-united-footballer-nile-ranger-115875-23569898/#ixzz1e6ivqfb3

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what is wrong with this guy?

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Nile ranger@NilePowerRanger

Certain fans need to not come and support this team... Coming out to BOOO us.. Stay at home.. Don't need ur BOO's.... SAY NO MORE !!!!


Mark Jennings@SaffaJenn

@NUFC_Stats @NilePowerRanger How are we going to get ourselves out of this mess with people booing!It is just going to rock their confidence

Nile ranger@NilePowerRanger

Not my confidence.. BOO all u want :)


Nile ranger@NilePowerRanger

Last thing from me... To all the fans. U are not forced to buy season tickets.. Or pay our wages.. Please remember that...


Nile ranger@NilePowerRanger

If u are loyal fans.. Be with us.. When we are out there on the field.. Be the 12th man.. Don't come and BOO.. That aint going to help any1


Nile ranger@NilePowerRanger

Team is going through rough patch.. Last thing we need is fans against us #SIMPLEREALLY


Nile ranger@NilePowerRanger

We are a TEAM u BOO 1 player... Ur booing all of us !!!


Nile ranger@NilePowerRanger

"@keiran_duggan: @NilePowerRanger you shit anyway, nothing but a thug" ☺ lool


Nile ranger@NilePowerRanger

"@petercass1981: @NilePowerRanger "ranger punched to fuck in city centre brawl" #headlinesidreamabout" hopefully by u ay clown


Samuel Ameobi@Sammy_Ameobi

@NilePowerRanger i've learnt that it's not worth the arguement pal

Retweeted by Nile ranger

Colyn @CNarr07 “Well said Nile Ranger, I think 50,000+ people need to take a good look at themselves and try to be as ‘dedicated’ as you are!”


Neil Farrington @Neilfarrington “Numbers Nile Ranger won’t understand: 49k on the worst day of winter. 44 years since any trophy. 58 years since a domestic trophy. #nufc


Stephen Watson @ecossesteve “Nile Ranger. Idiot. Perfect example of what’s wrong with modern day footballers.”

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