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So here's the deal...

One bredda from my uni is the president of the Basketball society, and got an £11,000 budget to take the whole team to South Asia somewhere and help local communities, kids etc in predominantly poor areas.

So what's the catch?...Well this is what he spent it on.

Check the captions too, lmfao. Smh.









He has now been baited out and I hope they throw the book at his big black head (no racist).

Whoever guesses his country of origin gets a gold sticker.

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the thing that upsets me the most about this is you're supposed to be a rapper

How did he get away with spending it all on himself?

11 grand on renting cars and buying useless sh*t? I hope the rest of the team punches him up.

Give a flashy nigga some money (thats not even his) and it's embarrassing what he spends it on.

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