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Weird turn-offs

Yung bawse

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Wouldnt say its a full on turn off coz i am getting inside regardless but i f*cking hate tattoos, so basic these days

Especially belly & thigh ones ?


I hear ya. I'm 50/50 on tats. Sometimes I fucking hate them but on occasions I find them fitting (depending on the girl).

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Guest babatundestacks

Women that are hip-hop heads as far as listening to overly lyrical hardcore rappers like Nas can't stand that at all 


You prefer girls that listen to eminem innit

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Nah used to know one worldie who was into football and supported united.


When she used to try and talk smack I literally wanted to throw her into a jet engine.


coming with the same logic women use in arguments to football discussions. Remember when she tried to tell me Rooney was more tekked out than RVP (arsenal days)



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big nips

If she smokes (despite me being a smoker, I see it as a man habit).

If she drinks to much or too often

If she bites her nails

Leg and underarm stubble - I don't care if she has to shave everyday. There must be smoothness

If a woman touches my face shortly after I have shaved

If she sounds like an idiot

If she is an idiot

If she earns more money than me

If she talks about how her sister is her best friend and yaps on about how close they are.

Crooked fanny

Fanny hair

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Guest babatundestacks

Any type of faggot shit.

I remember one girl told me that one of her exs asked her to fuck him in the ass with a strap on and she did.

I never spoke to this girl again.

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