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A40 Central to M25 Junction Go Live Today

Mame Biram Diouf

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Is it actually gonna be live thought?


The amount of average speed checks I've wizzed through and had no come back.


u carry on fella, it will eventually catch up


thought the same until one day blam!!


Yep this just happened to me on the M3


Got caught by them average speed cameras doing 57 in a 50.


Piss take was that it was late at night (11.17pm)


Gonna opt for the speed awareness course

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i could respect that if it was 60+ all the way

but there are parts that are 40 or even 30mph iirc on a flipping dual carriegeway ffs

This is what frustrates me.

The speed limit for that section does not match what it should be. Feels like you're going at a snails pace ffs.

And on the A406 aswell? RIP my north/west speeding days

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