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Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

Niall Ferguson

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Whys Stormzy vexed i dont get it


Maybe that wasn't Tinie's verse when Stormzy vocalled it...









So the dub has stormzy at the beggining (from 6mins)

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I dont know if he is a plant but to literally never be on any radio set is something that is unheard of but we do now live in 2015 not 2006 I feel like their are more avenues to gain recognition like youtube, vine etc another Act that had a breakthrough year is Bonkaz another guy you will be hard press to find audio of him being on grime sets. What do you think of Stomzy getting c/s from the most credible people in grime?


I remember in the height of the garage crews there were manufactured crews  with videos on rotation on MTV Base but they never did blow up (Pretty sure they never ever went top 40) because they never had the underground credibility like So Solid, More Fire, Pay As You Go. Does Stomzy need that underground credibility? or having bars a flow and building an online following stick two finger at those 'traditional' avenues we have seen many in the past progress?   

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Underground grime died with pirate radio imo.

Doesnt really exist as much of an underground genre now.

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So what if he's had a label behind him from the start?


He reps grime and makes grime music that people enjoy.  


Stormzy's contribution to grime this year has been pivotal for the scenes growth.


Any Hipster




any prick



Better to be a prick than a follow fashion hipster!

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Stormzy blew up cause he was appealing to them grime neeks and catering for the rap audience (whilst simultaneously boying their existence)

Was he really tho?


Do a search on grimeforum for him over a year old. theres a page of video posts and they have about 6 replies in total.... he was getting complete air on there.


I dont keep up with stormzy but I thought him going over classic grime beats (sure that was the last year or just just over) played a big part in his buzz.

Why that should give a man a buzz like his I dunno. But from a lot of people started copying (young tef is the first to come to mind) someone finish this off for me my brain is fried.

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I think the last 18 months has been a revival in grime on an underground level with underground MC's as there is a clear distinction between BBK, Ghetts, Chip more of the more commercial/elite acts and the guys grinding going radio every week like Jammz, YGG, AJ Tracy, Big Zuu, Capo Lee going to mode/radar/empire/flex/NTS . I think Spookys set at Eskimo Dance was good recognition for what is happening at the moment   

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I thought everyone understood Stormzy's rise was on social media?

In a weird way Stormzy got a more natural following than the guys you mention Somalian. Those guys are grafting, but more to the whoops and cheers of the blog dwelling hipster, or am I mistaken?

Stormzy on the other hand built a fanbase on twitter and vine and scooped up all the young bucks, a lot of them innercity black yutes. A lot of them female as well. His following is closer to a Dizzee or Kano bitd, which is fuckin hard to achieve these days.

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I agree with you.

I was talking to an mc last week crying because he wasn't at eski dance but mcs he goes radio with were I said to him the radio thing is a bunch of bollocks its not really progress its just a bit gay bag of man in one room sweating. Told him Look at how Stormzy, Section Boys and Bonkaz have come out said to him chat shit on sets or actually record tracks.

told him guys in grime can't make actual tracks they are just mcing on a beat 99 times out of 100. said start networking with people with power not the grime radio ting.

but big up the guys pushing the radio thing I get at least 2 emails a week from young niggers wanting to come on my show and spray bars and they are inspired by the whole radio resurgence, Stormzy coming through etc

eliteism im gonna write a peice on becoming a grime mc ill send it over tonight ?

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Section Boyz gotta win best newcomer what?

They probably should but i dont think they have the voting type fan base like bugzy has.

Oh it's the general public voting?

Wouldn't surprise if Stormzy wins everything he's nominated for then.

won the pre show


Can't knock him. He is living.

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Stormzy best grime, joke ting ?

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  • dub changed the title to Stormzy
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