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Grenfell Tower Fire, Latimer Road, W11


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Two hundred firefighters and 40 fire engines are battling a large fire on a west London estate.

At least two people have been injured and flats at the 24-storey Grenfell Tower evacuated.

Footage on social media showed the building engulfed in fire, with flames stretching over a number of floors.

The tower block is on the Lancaster West Estate, between Latimer Road Underground station and Westfield's White City shopping centre.

Police said: "At this stage we are aware of two people being treated at the scene for smoke inhalation."


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1 hour ago, Trap God said:


There's people still trapped inside 

Watching ITV see a guy just staring blankly out the window


Fackin ell

In the middle of the night as well

sorry for everything these people have lost and the lost lives

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3 hours ago, Agony said:

This is so angering. This culture of belligerence that some public sector workers adhere to makes me sick. 

Its not cos they are evil its because they are self serving and never want to admit something was done wrong in the past so they jus cover up mistakes and incompetence instead of addressin the real issues which always impact the public. They jus wanna cover their own backs until they are ready to.move on to the next job.

Well done the grenfell action group for all their efforts which have no doubt played a part in savin some lives

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