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Will machines eventually turn on us?


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It took my man around 30 seconds to open that door and let himself and his donny in

Ladies and gentlemen.....These timings will only get shorter and shorter and its only a matter of time when a hundred cute looking robots like that can do the same shit in the same amount of time....only this time they will have guns stuck on their arms or explosives built inside of them...

Does this not concern anybody at all?

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6 hours ago, QPR Dee said:


Cjfjifisjd bunch of fat geeks developing these bots. They'll be the first food for these killers

6 hours ago, Heero Yuy said:

Would be very surprised if the US hasn’t already strapped a mini gun on one of those, and testing it as we speak.

That video is more or less proof these man are secretly doing this shit. Still going on with the cold war.

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