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If he refuses to sign a new contract in the next month or so and he makes his intentions clear that he wants to move to Real Madrid would you rather us put him in the reserves and lose him on a free next summer or sell him for the rumoured figure of 25-30 mill.


With our current financial situation I would be more than happy to put him in the reserves and not play him and make him wait an extra 12 months to leave for free, just to prove a point that we do not have to be bullied into selling players on other peoples terms. 


Then make Valdes and a new signing Lloris/Leno fight for the no1 position. 


It is a shame that we should behind him when the media and fans were slaughtering him and now he is about to enter the peak years of his career he is supposedly strongly considering fucking off smh.

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"I've had a couple of meetings with the Glazers. Their attitude is, 'To hell with them'. They'd sit a player in the stand, I'm telling you, absolutely no doubt about it, just to prove a point. Not to give in to these people. They've got balls, I can tell you. I've been delighted with them in that respect"





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Valdez was his replacement or at least will be up until we get another keeper.


Signed him quick on a free to stop other clubs from getting to him.


Can't see him benchwarming for another season tbh.

saw him this season against the Chelsea U21s


looked like the best footballer on the pitch :lol:

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Hope we get one more season out of him atleast

We stuck buy him when he first came and wasn't making mistakes, hopefully that plays a part in his decision

But it is inevitable he's gonna go Madrid thats obv why we signed valdes, he was probz told he will be no1 next season

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