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Winter has arrived 18/19

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Increased youth engagement from early/ pre-teen stage. That takes funding, and youth workers an people can turn their nose up at that all they like but it can work. The devil makes work for idle hands

this is what i keep saying, drill is just a symptom of the disease.

9 hours ago, Realone2016 said:

Always wonder how their parents react when called to the  station. Is it just another day at the office or is she in a state of shock. Them signs there should be enough to pick up on and see what the underlying issue is.

wouldn't shock me if there was shouts of "why you always stopping him, this is racism/victimisation" ?

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1 hour ago, dayomesaydayo said:


The sheer stupidity to snitch on yourself in a drill song after you committed a murder smh

How can you write bars about killin ops when you know u killed a civilian it’s like he had to do dead suttin to write bars about it ?

and they say drill don’t influence violence 


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