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PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

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On 31/03/2016 at 11:10 PM, Gambino said:

Don't even need split screen anymore with todays TV's. Got the ability to wear a pair of glasses each and see a different screen now haven't we, granted I've not actually tried it on mine.

Do all you guys own a 4K TV?

Whether it's needed or not I'm saying they need a new unit because pushing 4K graphics is was at more intensive than just 1080p.

Not sure what us owning a 4K tv has to do with Sony putting it out, we don't decide what they do

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Play for PSG.

Pics finally. I actually preferred the black one until I saw the white in person. I'm in the process of moving yard so i havent actually hooked it up so it has been sitting since Wednesday.   The li

On 31 March 2016 at 7:45 PM, Zizouz said:

can only respond to what I'm seeing

this the worst gen of gaming

might switch to mobile, what's game of war saying?

Haven't been excited about anything a part from VR


I've jumped onto mobile next job

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Uncharted comes out in 2 weeks

very easy to get into if you've never played the earlier ones, it aint as confusing or unfinished as MGS was....

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the story line thing killed this for me

was cool at 1st but I tend to have about 3 players ( PG SF & C) so I can use them in mypark

only done a season and a half on my PG save 

& still in the story in my SF save


just got real jarring

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my ps4 aint working, had it just over 18 months they're telling me £125 to repair it (even though they dont know what the issue is) and if they cannot repair it they'll send me a refurb model out

absolute jokers

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for ages now I turn it off and after about 20-30 mins it will spit the disk out. does that now and again for a few weeks then goes back to normal and then does it again for a while.

now when I turn it on it says checking the system storage status, goes to 100% and then says cannot start the PS4 and asks you to press the psn button on controller then says connect a usb storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 3.55 or later, which I've done and it then says the update file cannot be used.


just read on a forum this, so seems like it's fucked, just gonna have to get another one


From day one I've been having little issues like random disk eject, game crashes so forth. Called Sony they had the audacity to tell me 160$ for repairs when clearly most of the consoles are defective. Well over 2 million people have these problems and they address them with **bleep** solutions, which will only do a temporary fix so your warranty will expire face it no one wants the hassle of mailing your prouduct that's time and money when it should be working when it was bought new. I feel this was intended by the company to make money on repairs also sell coverage plans because you send in your console for a fee that could have a simple 10$ problem. I've been with Sony since Walkman mega base, ps1 ect and never had a faulty product until now. My gaming library is extensive so trying a new console was out of the option for me however after dealing with sonys customer care and iron fist ways of not being flexible to your main priorities firstly consumers 2nd products so within my best interest I've decided to bite the bullet and try Xbox. I'm not going to just dump my Sony account because all the money invested so I will no longer purchase any new games on the console but play what is already purchased. it's getting to the point people are forming a class action lawsuit against them for this, the ps4 saved Sonys bum face it nothing else sells for them plain and simply we live in a wold where the underdogs do not win and everything is driven by money so my advice next time purchasing anything go with the bigger more invested companies not the ones that are struggling in infrastructure. Samsung for tvs or phones,Apple for laptops or phones you get where I'm going money talks bullshh walks however this is off topic so the solution to fix (disk ejects, random game closing , C-E errors , Powering down, HDD problems) is to mail it in there is no other way!! Nothing on YouTube or Psn forum, Ign..Nada!! 0 good luck fellow gamers✌️


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I was having issues with my PS4 randomly turning on and ejecting the disc, then while the disc was ejected it would make that noise where it was trying to suck it back it in but it was far too ejected and was stuck in a constant loop trying to suck it back in.

Woke me up during the night for a few days it would happen every night where I would have to unplug the Playstation to get sleep.

But it seemed to sort itself out and hasn't happened since. Not sure if unplugging it worked or it was a fix in a recent patch, what i also read was that the eject button might have been dusty so i wiped it. 

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