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Lol that is not an excuse tbh.

There is no way they weren't told about the number of episodes they were allowed in this season.

Make one or two episodes longer than usual, plus we couldve spent more time with these side stories while Ghost was in jail. I mean even his jail story was fucking nonsense. 

Why did that take up so much screen time. 

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Watching today's episode before work. Totally addicted. Ghost though 😍😍😍😍

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Tommy easily carrying this season(He is going to owe Teresi a huge favour because nothing in life is free and that nonsense about your family)

Ghost (Not only is he a terrible father, husband man has zero empathy.

Exhibit A When he got told about Julio a man said "this isn't the time for this and there is more important matters to deal with"
Exhibit B When Tommy poured his heart out to him about Teresi , Ghost gave zero fucks.
on another note Lady Jimenez wants to beat Ghost so badly).
Dre ( The writer is really trying to turn man into Ghost 2.0).
Angela (This puta not even surprised by her anymore).
Tasha (another puta she so dumb and naive but I blame the writer for this).
Proctor (one of the few likeable characters on this show is out of his depth).
Sandoval (The GOAT heel 🤣😂 also the fact he never wanted the heel role and was forced by Lobos to play it).
Tariq (Even with the madness which took place in the previous two episodes he is yet to get that wake up call).
As for the councilman he is way too friendly
(A man is using his real life surname 😂😂).
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