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Winter has arrived 18/19


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9 minutes ago, Realone2016 said:

Failure to meet critical goals set earlier in the year can be awful as well. Sometimes nice to hear the corny new year new me rhetoric but gotta acknowledge life happens as well.

Im day by day witnessesing a girl moving a bit too ott just because it’s the new year 

Gotta a feeling she’s gonna crash soon (not suiicide but a breakdown)

social media has a big part to play imo

all this perfection perfection bullshit is fucked


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sad to hear about that.. my friend works for BTP, it could have been him.

/although spending your birthday and christmas alone for the first time could come as a shock, dont see it as a bad thing. 

unless there are other issues prior to that and culminating with being alone is depressing, we need to  learn to cherish spending time alone sometimes. however, being alone is different to being lonely. 


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On 1/5/2019 at 12:41 PM, TheOneGameBaller said:







Darren Pencille, 35, from Farnham, Surrey, sat on the floor of the dock in Staines Magistrates' Court today claiming he was 'hearing voices' and was 'too paranoid' to stand up as he appeared accused of murder

I... SWEAR that's Pencil from SMS?!

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